Ben Feller

Partner, Mercury

Ben Feller focuses on crafting powerful messaging for foundations, universities, companies and individual leaders, and in managing sophisticated media campaigns. In particular, Ben spends much of his time shaping the branding and storytelling of mission-driven organizations. An award-winning writer, Ben is the former National Education Writer and former Chief White House Correspondent for The Associated Press, the largest news organization in the world. Ben has a rich understanding of how reporters think and how the national media work, and he uses that journalism experience to drive results for clients.

Ben graduated with a journalism degree from Penn State, where has been named an Alumni Fellow, the highest award given by the University, for his career achievements in communications. He is originally from State College, Pa., and lives in New York City.

About Mercury

Mercury is a global, problem-solving strategy firm. Our communicators can shape your story, drive attention to your cause and accomplish the goals that are actually important to you. Our political specialists leverage decades of electoral and government experience to tackle causes, regulation and overreach. The sheer depth of our experiences across the firm – and our ability to integrate them – differentiates us as strategists who get results. Mercury is built on senior talent who personally run each project start to finish, a promise we keep. From crafting messaging to managing crises to running media campaigns, we thrive in the most difficult situations because we have lived them at the height of media, politics and government. Mercury is part of Omincom, a leading global marketing and corporate communications company.