Jeff Morrill

Senior Director of Business Development, C Space Health

Jeff leads business development and strategy for C Space Health.  He creates and improves customer-engaging solutions and strategies across health facilities, pharmaceutical and device manufacturers as well as new digital health firms.  He has helped innovate new customer experiences (patient, HCP, facility), launch new products and create more engaging communications across many aspects of the healthcare spectrum.

Jeff has worked as a marketer and sales executive for top brands across leading companies at Johnson & Johnson and Nestle.  He has also served as President of an orthopedic company as well as a surgical training firm.

Jeff acts as a strategic partner while he brings his knowledge to help solve his clients’ unique business challenges.

About C Space Health

C Space is a Customer Agency that helps solve customer challenges—from the perspective of the customer—that lead to business growth. We help our clients build empathy for customers and be more customer centric. We do that by building customers into the ways companies work. By working with customers, companies adapt faster, connect more deeply, and perform better because they start acting more human, more inspired, more empathetic. And they become more relevant to the customers they are trying to serve.
Helping clients become more customer-centric leads to better experiences for customers. Ultimately, we help create win-win propositions for companies and their customers.