Feeding America

How Interbrand transformed the branded context around Feeding America so they could do more of what they do best—feeding America’s hungriest citizens.


America’s Second Harvest (ASH) had a venerable mission—to feed America’s hungry with donated and “harvested” food (i.e. food about to go to waste). But they faced some steep challenges. Too many people didn’t recognize hunger as a national issue. ASH itself had a scattered national approach and a decentralized organizational structure, and funding was drying up due to lackluster support from corporate partners. A major re-brand was in order.

ASH turned to Interbrand for help, and our overarching insight was that ASH needed to transform itself from a referential brand to a mission-based brand; they needed to redefine what they stood for, reorganize their network of charities, and rekindle a national conversation about hunger.

From “America’s Second Harvest,” “Feeding America” was born. The new name symbolized the clarity of their goal, and with it we designed a visual signature—a new, modernized look to outfit the new message. We then helped them connect a disparate network of over 200 food banks and charities, flexibly integrating their national platform with local partners (and respecting those local parters’ needs). We also re-strategized Feeding America's messaging in an effort to reach a more diverse range of audiences.

Our Impact


million dollars in grants distributed to local food banks


billion meals delivered over two years