Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance

How we’re using localized research and the SHAPE platform to mobilize immunization in urban slums


Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, is a public-private global health partnership committed to increasing access to immunization in poor countries. ONE HUNDRED was challenged by Gavi to find the best way to motivate and mobilize both community influencers and parents in urban slums to ensure that more children get properly immunized.

After reaching an agreement with the Gavi team to focus on certain deprived urban areas of Nigeria, India, and Indonesia, ONE HUNDRED travelled to these three countries to collect key insights from the very individuals the program would be targeting. ONE HUNDRED presented over 50 initial themes to Gavi, and the collective team brainstormed some preliminary ideas. These ideas, plus our ground research, were used to fuel a wider call for thinking through the SHAPE platform, a global network used by our most talented thinkers to test and validate ideas and strategies. SHAPE worked with Gavi and ONE HUNDRED to define and provide solutions for the Gavi challenge.

Our Impact


We transitioned from 51 ideas to 4 cornerstone concepts for Gavi to test. Working alongside UNICEF and local governments, Gavi will roll out their pilot program in Indonesia later this year.