Girl Scouts of America

How Interbrand got a new generation of girls excited about joining the Girl Scouts of America.


In 2012, the century-old Girl Scouts of America found itself in widespread decline. Negative perception was to blame. Girls believed scouting would be “boring” and too much “like school.” Parents and volunteers believed the commitment would be overwhelming. In order to reach the goal of attracting one million new members by 2017 and diversifying the ethnic and cultural background of its members, GSUSA needed to change these perceptions and turned to Interbrand for help.

We kicked off rounds of ethnographic research, interviews and social listening. Our key insight: regardless of ethnicity or age, new experiences are fun and exciting for everyone. GSUSA’s messaging, however, comprised process-driven adult language focused on long-term outcomes. So we developed a new personality for the GSUSA—a brand that was real, motivated, curious, fun, and focused on the “now.” The campaign line, “I can’t wait to…” encapsulated our overarching messaging as well as the genuine anticipation both girls and adults feel before each Girl Scout meeting. We filtered the idea of excitement and anticipation through our campaign voice to tell adventurous stories about new experiences, bringing the program to life and giving audiences a glimpse of what Girl Scouts is really like.

Our Impact


increase in volunteer recruitment after 3 months