Heifer International

How Interbrand helped Heifer International evolve their brand, scale their impact, and better engage their global audience.


A respected legacy. A lagging mission. Heifer International desperately needed to transform the way they engaged modern donors without losing their identity in the process.

Interbrand stepped in to develop the strategy, tools and messaging platforms that Heifer needed in order to effect positive cycles of investment and reciprocation. Storytelling was key—the right stories, told the right way, could internally align the organization around shared values and goals while externally signalling that Heifer had changed and was more relevant than ever.

We began with an internal campaign, galvanizing every member of the organization around a shared set of core beliefs. These beliefs informed the unified voice and messaging of the rejuvenated brand—change is personal; strong values get results; success multiplies success; we all have power over poverty. We supported this messaging with a brand book and toolkits, including a guide that defines the objective of each phase of the donor journey and explains when and how certain touchpoints should be used. More broadly, our external campaign signalled that Heifer had changed from the inside out, and we targeted the new messaging at Heifer’s most valuable audiences (e.g. corporations, foundations, major donors).