Hope North

How Critical Mass is helping Hope North give the young victims of Uganda’s civil war the hope and healing they need to be tomorrow’s peace leaders.


Hope North provides education, inspiration, and personal development to orphans, former child soldiers, and other young victims of Uganda’s civil war. It’s a stunning and very real story of healing, hoping, and thriving—but Hope North’s digital presence was outdated and had virtually no engagement. Donations were drying up, imperiling the school’s very existence. When Critical Mass learned about Hope North, we knew we could lend the help they needed.

We launched a responsive site, organized around the idea that Hope North is more than a school—it’s community where leaders are made. Our storytelling is both honest and inviting, organized around one of the school’s most remarkable, inspiring attributes: they use cultural practices (music, art, literature, dance and more) to promote healing. We structured the site around the student’s creative activities not only because they’re the heart Hope North’s powerful story, they’re also interests we all share—kernels of a meaningful donor journey. Along with student biographies, the site turns “hope” into something translatable across distances and disparate experiences while also making donations tangible (pencils, instruments, supplies, and brighter futures).

See the Hope North website here.