International Thyroid Awareness Week

How Porter Novelli used an awareness campaign during International Thyroid Awareness Week to establish Merck as a leader in thyroid treatment and patient support.


In 2016, as International Thyroid Awareness Week approached, Merck partnered with Porter Novelli to drive a purpose-led initiative around childhood thyroid disorders. The goal was to educate parents and family members (the core audience) about the signs and symptoms of hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism.

The creative approach was driven by a positive, nurturing, and visually appealing concept—catching butterflies (a nod to the “butterfly shape” of the thyroid gland). With two illustrated characters, “hyper” and “hypo,” and multichannel activations, Porter Novelli dramatised the depressive lethargy of hypothyroidism and the distracted hyperactivity of hyperthyroidism, all while urging a visit to the doctor if the symptoms sounded familiar. The campaign capitalised on the scale of Merck partnerships—more than 20 independent organisations, including Government ministries and medical societies.


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