How ONE HUNDRED attracted new support for a global nonprofit by helping to define its purpose.


Fake news, lies, hoax content, propaganda, misinformation, and disinformation have all been hotly debated topics in recent years. These global challenges are familiar to Internews—they’ve been working in dangerous and challenging environments for 35 years to overcome censorship, oppression, and media-dark situations in over 100 countries.

Despite their proud heritage, they faced a deep-seated challenge. There was confusion amongst stakeholders about the core mission of Internews, as well as how to communicate both the elements and the impacts of its portfolio of programmes. There was also a specific need to engage new and unrestricted funding to enable Internews to continue to operate in an agile fashion, responding to humanitarian emergencies whilst expanding and innovating their work to support independent local media.

We embedded ourselves into the Internews team and worked alongside the CEO, Head of Philanthropy, and other core team members to develop a strategy that could elevate Internews Europe’s profile with new audiences and funders.

To gather data and insights, ONE HUNDRED conducted both research and interviews with staff, board members, and key stakeholders. Next, we made strategic recommendations focused on the expression of the organization’s purpose—both in terms of language that would appeal to a wide range of audiences, and the means by which those audiences could best be reached.

We then activated our strategy, developing a clear purpose statement that ensures all stakeholders can clearly communicate what Internews Europe does and why it does it: “we support the truth and those that report it.” We also developed and launched a powerful campaign message: “Truth is an endangered species; Act now before it becomes extinct.”

Our Impact

The launch event succeeded in galvanizing existing supporters and attracting new audiences. It also attracted new corporate audiences and a well known ambassador from the media sector.