New Jersey Institute of Technology

How Changing Our World helped New Jersey Institute of Technology make their lofty vision of raising 150 million dollars a reality.


The New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) had an enormously ambitious goal: to undertake a $150 million fundraising campaign. But first, they needed to know if it was possible, and, if so, they would need a partner who could help them do it. They turned to Changing Our World for both.

It was no simple task. We would have to cultivate planning efforts, build and strengthen constituent relationships, optimize current and future leadership, ensure the overall growth in philanthropic investment at the University and more. We immediately implemented a feasibility study, determining the university’s ability to undertake a complex, multimillion dollar, national fundraising campaign. Following that, we embarked on a capacity-building phase in preparation for the campaign itself, which touched upon every area of our expertise, and every part of the University. Not only did we reach the goal, we did it faster than anyone thought possible. 
To this day, NJIT and Changing Our World continue our tightly integrated partnership, seeking to make transformative differences that start with the university but also have farther-reaching, positive consequences for the entire city of Newark, New Jersey.

Our Impact


million dollar goal reached 2 years ahead of schedule