Quinnipiac University

How Critical Mass unified Quinnipiac University’s technology environment and then designed the first-ever student-centered site experience.


Quinnipiac’s ambition to become a more student-centered university was stymied up by their out-of-date content management system, as well as their digital branding. Before they could begin to redesign the QU.edu experience, they had to fix problems behind the scenes: maintenance issues, difficulty creating new content, and fragmentation across the university’s departments.

Critical Mass consolidated QU’s entire technology environment onto Adobe Marketing Cloud, including a platform migration of the qu.edu website onto Adobe Experience Manager 6.1 (complete with Adobe Analytics and Adobe Dynamic Tag Management). In the broadest sense, Critical Mass helped Quinnipiac reach its goals by undertaking an end-to-end solution that included consulting as well as support service. UI/UX Design, Components/Templates Development, Backend Process development, QA testing, and partial Content Entry all played a role.

With a consolidated, upgraded platform and the ability to create a truly responsive site experience, CM’s design team stepped in to make the site resonate emotionally with its core audience— current and prospective students. With tight timelines, they completely transformed qu.edu’s user experience architecture, navigation, visual identity, overall tone of voice, and messaging. The redesigned experience (including all-new editorial, video and photographic content) represents a monumental departure from the institution-first site experiences typically found throughout higher education. Quinnipiac University now has a truly student-centered digital experience—designed for real students, validated with real students. And with Google Map enabled virtual tours, live-look digital publications, and advanced analytics, it’s a cutting edge experience as well.