How Ketchum’s specialized analytics team helped UNICEF track its engagement of 50 million people across the globe.


In 2014, The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) embarked on a new Global Communication and Public Advocacy Strategy, an effort ultimately intended to encourage 50 million people to take action for needy children around the world. To obtain a clear picture of this gargantuan effort’s success, UNICEF turned to Ketchum Global Research & Analytics (KGRA) for help. Our challenge?—craft a measurement strategy to track UNICEF’s global progress, and build a system capable of delivering on it.

KGRA began by defining UNICEF’s target audiences and four key strategic touchstones: voice, reach, engagement and brand. We created a set of KPIs, provided a new algorithm score and methodology, and helped develop a global communications handbook as well as scorecards to be used across the 190 countries where UNICEF works. We also led the creation of an Evaluation and Impact Analysis Committee—a means of soliciting insights from global measurement thought leaders at organizations like The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, MasterCard, Booking.com and GfK.

The findings from the global measurement system have proven essential in fine tuning core messages, reaching key stakeholders, leveraging credibility and helping UNICEF deliver on its commitment to improve the lives of children across the globe.