World Hepatitis Day

How Ketchum helped the World Hepatitis Alliance maximize its global engagement.


July 28th is World Hepatitis Day. It’s also a focal point of the World Hepatitis Alliance’s effort to drive prevention and international awareness for patient groups and people living with viral hepatitis—in other words, a global messaging event. Ketchum stepped in and benchmarked social analytics for World Hepatitis Day in 2013. By gaining a comprehensive understanding of the success of 2013, we believed we could develop an approach that would maximize engagement in 2014.

Using an analytics tool called Pulsar, we discovered a host of insights that informed our strategic approach for the following year. We found out where conversation spiked and lagged, identified key bloggers, tracked relations among time zones, and searched for trending hashtags. Guided by our data-driven roadmap, we engaged audiences on every front: campaign posters, toolkits for patients, Thunderclap campaigns shared across social media and SMS messages sent to 10 million subscribers in India and Sub-Saharan Africa and much more. Altogether, the strategy played out brilliantly, encouraging us to repeat our approach going forward.

Our Impact


thousand unique visitors to the new hub site


million reached through social media by Thunderclap


views of the global video and counting