FORGING FORWARD: Atlanta Edition

October 6, 2020


SESSION #7 will take place on Tuesday, June 29th at 11:30 AM ET.

Deborah Ryan
Atlanta Managing Director at Changing Our World, Inc.,

will be facilitating a discussion on:


a conversation with

Rachel Davis
CEO and Executive Director
Greater Wealth Works – EDGE


Daisy Latimore
Founder/Owner/EDGE Alum
The Chocolate Box


Previous Sessions:

SESSION #1 (Tuesday, October 27th) Fundraising in a time of national change: How are Atlanta nonprofits planning for their future?
Featuring: Vikki Millender Morrow, Executive Director, March of Dimes GA Market; and, Sharmen May Gowens, CEO, YWCA of Greater Atlanta
Click here to watch the full session

SESSION #2 (Tuesday, December 1st) Funding Social Enterprises in Atlanta
Featuring: Thomas K. Glenn II, President, Wilbur and Hilda Glenn Family Foundation; Amelia Nickerson, CEO of  First Step Staffing; and,Christina Szczepanski, Managing Director, Southeast, Reinvestment Fund.
Click here to watch the full session

SESSION #3 (Tuesday, February 2nd) Corporate Philanthropy in Atlanta
Featuring: Ann Cramer, Atlanta Community Leader and Former Director for IBM Corporate Citizenship and Corporate Affairs for the Americas; Lain Shakespeare, Senior Director of Corporate Citizenship Mailchimp; and, Bentina Chisolm Terry, SVP, Metro Atlanta and Corporate Relations Georgia Power.
Click here to watch the full session

SESSION#4 (Tuesday, February 23rd) Community Engagement, Social Impact and Social Enterprise
Featuring: Rohit Malhotra, Founder & Executive Director, Center for Civic Innovation; and, Malika Whitley, Founder & CEO, ChopArt.
Click here to watch the full session

SESSION #5 (March 30th) Women and Giving.
Featuring: Birgit Smith Burton, Executive Director of Foundation Relations at Georgia Tech &2021 Chair-Elect of the Global Board of the Association of Fundraising Professionals; and, Christy Butler Eckoff, Chief Foundation Officer at Atlanta Jewish Foundation. 
Click here to watch the full session

SESSION #6 (April 27th) The Impact of COVID-19 on Atlanta’s Entrepreneurs – What’s Next?
Featuring: Latresa McLawhorn Ryan, Executive Director of Atlanta Wealth Building Initiative (AWBI); and, Grace Covington Fricks, President and CEO at Access to Capital for Entrepreneurs, Inc. (ACE).
Click here to watch the full session

Community Leaders Share Insights into Atlanta’s COVID-19 Response in FORGING FORWARD Webinar

ATLANTA, Oct. 5, 2020 – Distinguished community leaders Ann Cramer, Terry Mazany and Deborah Ryan recently participated as panelists of FORGING FORWARD, a virtual philanthropic conference series focused on idea sharing, innovative solutions and a path forward from COVID-19. The webinar was moderated by Brian Crimmins, Global Managing Partner of ONE HUNDRED and CEO of Changing Our World, and a recording is available to view here.

Representing the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta (CFGA), Terry Mazany, Senior Vice President, Philanthropy at CFGA, shared how trusted relationships within the community, existing infrastructure and civic partnerships enabled CFGA to quickly respond to urgent needs created by the “pandemic trifecta” of the COVID-19 health crisis, the economic shutdown, and social injustice. The Greater Atlanta COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund, which is jointly managed by United Way of Greater Atlanta and CFGA, has raised $25 million since March and donated nearly $18.5 million to 321 nonprofit grant recipients working on the frontlines.

 Ann Cramer, Atlanta community leader and former director for IBM Corporate Citizenship and Corporate Affairs, addressed how COVID-19 highlighted and exacerbated existing disparities in health, education, housing, food and jobs, many of which have resulted from years of racial inequity. She has seen many companies, individuals and foundations reassess how they give money. This re-awakened need to address the roots of racial disparity in Atlanta, in part through building philanthropic coalitions, is “not just a revelation but a call to action.”

Deborah Ryan, Atlanta Managing Director at Changing Our World, spoke about how Atlanta’s nonprofit leaders are stepping up and calling out the lack of transparency about who makes funding decisions. To the funders’ credit, people are listening and are starting the dialogues that, while difficult, are needed to address the deep-rooted economic and social inequity in Atlanta.

Even with these efforts to tackle the complicated challenges caused by COVID-19 in the Atlanta community, the panelists agreed there is much work to be done. Actual recovery is still not on the horizon. The looming threat of future COVID-19 case surges and the growing mental health crisis mean community foundations and other donors must continue to act quickly, with agility, and in coordination.

As Mazany summarized: “Challenges are massive; stakes are high; failure is catastrophic – and philanthropy is vital… while individual giving is essential, to tackle issues of this magnitude, if you can do it by yourself, it probably isn’t worth doing.”

Beginning this October, Changing Our World and ONE HUNDRED will launch a monthly Atlanta-focused FORGING FORWARD series. These webinars will enable nonprofit, philanthropic, and social impact leaders in our community to deep dive on issues and community-based solutions for real and lasting positive impact.

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